Plan Sanction

We facilitate plan sanctions.

During the process of plan sanctions, we understand the requirements of our clients and the extent to which the authorities can use its discretion. We evaluate and collate the basic property documents required to expedite in obtaining NOC's for plan sanctions.

Change of Land Use

We facilitate change of land use from the present user to a more gainful user as permissible by law. Change of land use is a long drawn procedure. We piece together the papers required based on Master Plan and precedents and create a sound base to enhance the chances of a positive recommendation. Thereafter we, diligently and patiently follow up the file of our clients as it goes through various departments.

Due Diligence

WeWe believe the authenticity of papers submitted to the lawyers is key in property title certifications and title reports. We assist in preventing a fraud occurring. Due diligence to find out the authenticity of the papers is of utmost importance to any real estate transaction. We take up such assignments with utmost sensitivity and care.

Property Management

Along with finding our clients the most suitable, rentable and saleable spaces to live in based on their budgets, we also further assist our clients in paying property taxes, getting khata transferred, obtaining the encumbrance certificates and other related documents.